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Pluck your veins
v. The lengths you will go to in order to look good for a date or romantic encounter. Plucking is a more precise approach to depilation of the vulnerable veiny ankle area when shaving is not for you. See also: Shave your veins.

Shave your veins
v. The lengths you will go to in order to prepare for a romantic encounter that might involve intimacy. You are motivated to shave all the way down the leg, targeting those delicate bulging veins on your ankle. Afraid to put a blade to your veins, even for the sake of love? Try Pluck your veins.

adj. Believes in women's liberation but is still willing to get married, have kids, and obey her husband.

Beer can
n. Dad dick.

Borderline genius hack
n. You actually constructed a simple thing with your hands and you feel like you hacked the code of the existing laws of science.

n. A woman who doesn't like or respect men, but seduces them for sexual conquest.

n. Pronounced doo-seez. Duck feces. See also Geces.

n. Goose feces. See also Duces.

n. The weans of a gran and granda's weans; grandbairn; contraction of the Scot's word wee ane.

Douche flute
n. Personal vaporizer, e-cigarette, cringe inducer.

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2 Responses to Glossary

  1. Teilor says:

    tonebout = lazy version of ‘talking bout’ which is a lazy version of saying ” I know what you’re talking about”. Coined by BOB of the Vegas Boys, a dirty group of hippies who broke down in Nevada City from Las Vegas. Mid 1990’s

    Another good one..”Heyssss (sp?) Another lazy word coined by the above. Short for “Hell Yes”! …I think. Do these apply?

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