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There are 6 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
n. A woman who doesn't like or respect men, but seduces them for sexual conquest.

Mental smell
n. When someone describes their surroundings on social media.

Mental tan
n. When you are already psychologically detached from reality the week before your vacation.

Mom bod
n. Reaction to the Dad bod, where a woman just takes selfies of her gut hanging out.

Moon Door!
exclam. May be uttered as a thinly-veiled death threat, akin to Ralph Kramden threatening to hit his wife so hard on the mouth that it would send her "to the moon," which eventually shortened to "Bang zoom!" Refers to a preferred method of execution in Game of Thrones where the Lords of the Vale "make the bad man fly" by pushing him through a hatch in the floor over a 600-ft. drop to the rocky floor.

n. (Derived from the Hellenistic Greek μύσταξ [mustax, mustak-] "hair on the upper lip" and the Medieval Latin tannare "tan, dye a tawny color.") When the sun darkens your facial skin only on the upper lip. (Ref. Beth Whittlesey.)

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