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There are 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
n. Goose feces. See also Duces.

Ghetto lullaby
n. Urban nighttime noise, e.g. car alarms, sirens, gunfire, helicopters, screams, farts, singing, tom cats yowling, tires screeching, drunkards bellowing, drumming on garbage cans, tap dancing on tin rooftops.

Give fucks / Grow my fucks
v. Something that you simply don't do.

Going up
v.t. Giving oral sex to someone way taller than you. Figuratively speaking, doing a favor for a pal.

Google my symptoms
n. Part of your nightly routine. This form of "research" makes you feel informed, yet apprehensive.

n. The weans of a gran and granda's weans; grandbairn; contraction of the Scot's word wee ane.

adj. Southern California Valleyspeak for dirty, nasty, disgusting. Variant of grotty, a slang shortening of grotesque, popularized in the 1960s. It unconsciously echoes Middle English groti "muddy, slimy," from Old English grotig "earthy," from grot "particle."

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2 Responses to Glossary

  1. Teilor says:

    tonebout = lazy version of ‘talking bout’ which is a lazy version of saying ” I know what you’re talking about”. Coined by BOB of the Vegas Boys, a dirty group of hippies who broke down in Nevada City from Las Vegas. Mid 1990’s

    Another good one..”Heyssss (sp?) Another lazy word coined by the above. Short for “Hell Yes”! …I think. Do these apply?

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