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Cheapest finest
adj. The quality you look for when purchasing food or alcohol. This term may be used in bars to express your spending limit, but only if the bartender seems sympathetic. Trader Joe's targets this audience.

Chinese chicken
n. When the older Chinese woman walking directly toward you on the sidewalk won't step to the side, and neither will you. You don't want to have to shoulder check her, but she WILL NOT BUDGE. It's a test of wills for the stubborn. Guess who wins every time?

interj. The sound effect of a dramatic gun cock, generally directed at a screaming child or other public annoyance. Expressing this sound while pantomiming a one-handed shotgun pump helps focus your anger in a harmless and often covert manner. (Ref. Nicholas Katich.)

Civic religion
n. Sports fandom as a government enforced presence, i.e. team affirmations on bus head signs, team colors lighting up the county courthouse building. It provides a sense of belonging to those who need a totem to worship.

Collective effervescence
n. The social electricity that gets generated when groups gather to exalt in epic rituals. (Ref. Emile Durkheim.)

Coma toast
n. The sleepy feeling derived from eating too many bread-like products.

Cork tease
n. Someone who talks about the wine bottle they're going to open, but never does it.

v. To devour food quickly and voraciously in a short period of time, usually to quell a very sudden, often intoxication-induced hunger. You are 10 minutes into having a drink with a friend and that bag of bean chips and tub of hummus are GONE.
Ex. "Sorry, Blood, I just cornholed that pizza. But I'll make you some Orange Rolls and you can cornhole those." -- Suzanne Alexander
v. To anally inhale something, usually on accident.
Ex. "Who cornholed the remote? It was on the bed between us and now it's GONE." --Suzanne Alexander
v. To consume something, ANYTHING, with great gusto and momentum, including media, information, exercise, a crossword puzzle, etc.
Ex. "Blood, I just cornholed a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle while watching one episode of Judge Judy." --Suzanne Alexander

Corpse gas
n. The morning's first volatile flatulence that occurs after several hours of unconscious immobility have forced your body to start decomposing.

adj. Fine, acceptable or normal; excellent, realistic, legitimate or authentic. (Ref: Simpsons.)

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2 Responses to Glossary

  1. Teilor says:

    tonebout = lazy version of ‘talking bout’ which is a lazy version of saying ” I know what you’re talking about”. Coined by BOB of the Vegas Boys, a dirty group of hippies who broke down in Nevada City from Las Vegas. Mid 1990’s

    Another good one..”Heyssss (sp?) Another lazy word coined by the above. Short for “Hell Yes”! …I think. Do these apply?

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